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Cameron Lickle

"Bebe Ramos has been giving me massages and facials for 2 years. I suffer from Fibromyaglia and her massage technique brings me relief from some of my symptoms. I have had many massages; she is one of the best. She keeps up to date with her protocols and always offers new health improvement ideas."
Jean Corea, MD

"Namaste, Bebe, It's obvious that you are able to achieve a strong connection with your clients and that you have a talent for bodywork. I felt deeply relaxed and refreshed. It's apparent that the intention you bring to the table is the highest intentions for your client's good. When you were working on me, I strongly felt your focus, nurturing, healing energy, and that you truly desire for me to have the most beneficial session possible. That two-hour massage was amazing. Thank you so much for showing your gifts, talents and your wonderful energy with me."
John Howell

"Bebe hands down best massage therapist to go to for any of your needs. My girlfriend and I both receive hour full body massages from her. Bebe is amazing. She gets the job done and you feel brand new when you leave. If anyone needs a massage or is stressed she can make you feel 100% better. I highly recommend going to Bebe. She's the only massage therapist for my girlfriend and me."
Chris J.

"Wow! This was the best massage ever! I received a full body massage by Bebe.

I felt very relaxed and comfortable she hit all the right spots that were tense. I also received a facial massage that left me refreshed and invigorated. I recommended Bebe to all my friends and co worker. BeBe has healing hands, I will keep going back!"
Margarita P.


"I was able to get a last minute appointment which was awesome! With only a 30 minute massage Bebe was able to make my sore back muscles feel so relaxed. She was very professional and sweet. I will definitely visit again!"
Marisa Guerra

"The best full body massage I received ever in my life was given by a very talented and precise massage therapist named Bebe. The massage I receive also included scrumptious partial body scrubs, which enlighten all my senses. I've had 2 hour massages before and I can honestly say that Bebe one hour massage was more intense and relaxing. I recommend Bebe highly for anyone that is looking for that great massage experience which is life changing for a better well-being."
Serena R.

"Do you want a body massage that changes your life? I received the best massage ever from Somar Massages, Bebe! As a matter of fact, my chiropractor encourages continual use. He said the massage complimented his treatment. Without telling her, Bebe knew the body areas to focus on. I felt comfortable, peaceful, and calm. If you want the best massage ever with a true professional, call Bebe!"
Alma E.

"Bebe is the license massage therapist inside LA Top Nail Salon who works diligently on my back and neck. Recently, I went for a cupping massage and I could tell immediate results even before I left the spa. I can honestly say my neck pain is gone and I have more mobility than I have had in a long while. Bebe is very professional and takes great care of her clients, she has got such a caring and compassionate spirit and is always intune with my well-being. The place is very clean. Good massage therapists are hard to find but I believe I have found the Best of the Best!!! Thank you ladies for keeping me looking and feeling GREAT!!!"
Jeanie Z.


"Bebe's technique, touch, knowledge of products and services, and personal interaction.

I would recommend Bebe to any one of my friends and family! Her healing touch and holistic approach to skin care and the body is one of my favorite things about her. I always leave her spa feeling rejuvenated and happy. She is knowledgable on a variety of techniques and continues to learn and expand her services. One visit with Bebe and you're hooked!"
Cecily A.

Massage and Facial

"I would highly recommend to anyone who has a lot of daily stress to make a massage by Bebe a regularly scheduled event in your life. Regularly scheduled massages help me to energize and rejuvenate both physically and mentally. Bebe is knowledgeable and professional in her approach. On my last visit I also received a facial. What a positive difference. My skin looked refreshed and vibrant. Thank you, Bebe!!"
Valerie Moore

Massage with Oils and Rocks

"Bebe helped with my TMJ and neck issues about ten months ago. She is now helping with my low back and hip issues. She does a fabulous job in a fabulous setting. When done, I'm completely relaxed and I feel so much better. Her holistic approach is so much appreciated. Thanks, Bebe!!"
R Dougherty

Deep Tissue

"I was traveling for business when my back started to go into spasm. When I called Somar I had a live person pick up the phone. The person who answered the phone was very professional and accommodating. It was a Sunday, Bebe from Somar came out to the Embassy Suit to give me my massage that very day.

Not only were they quick but I had one of the best deep tissue massages I have ever had."
Jim Skinner

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