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Having a Party? 

Make it a Spa Party! Clean wine, massage, facials... from 2-10 people. Start at the relaxation room, have champagne and snacks. Reminisce, Exchange gifts. Buffet services available to choose from.  See our services page for your options. It's a "Private" party at the spa (it is just your group!) 

Somar Massage has created a number of retreats and spa packages to relax and rejuvenate you. You may choose any of our services to compliment your spa day with your daughter, mother or friends. The retreats will enhance your life through a 3, 5 or 7 days get-a-way. Most are local, some are in the mountains or at the beach. Read below for details.

* All Retreats Include:

Individual & group massage/instruction for sharing
· Massage Circle
· Food Prep & Healthy Eating Tips
· Yoga/Stretching

· Dancing & Music (your call on theme)
· Dotera Oils & Trainings
· Clean wines & teas
· Ohming
· Biomat
· Shared Room/Bath (ask about private room)
· Wake daily with group stretching & sun salutations
· Daily excursion suggestions: walks, hikes, bikes, boating, etc

January Retreat

– Fire – Detox – Grapevine –

(3 Days)

Clean it out so you can start it right!

January 11th 3pm to January 13th 5pm

Start your year off right with a 3-Day (Grapevine) Fire Retreat

Cleansing, Balancing Detox Weekend (Waxing Moon- time to start projects and add actions, gather energies to help you on your way, bring new things, people and relationships into your life, energy is building!!!)

This retreat is Rejuvenating & Motivating

What we’ll do:

·         Personal and Group Massage, Massage Circle & Training for sharing!
·         3 Yoga Sessions- 1- Zen (relax & release session) , 2 - Detox and strengthening sessions
·         Balance your chakra (promotes health by maximizing the flow of energy)
·         Cupping (helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being)
·         Use the “Biomat” for balancing lymph & other functions
·         Do a foot detox & scrub
·         Drink fine Juices & Teas
·         Eat & drink clean foods & clean wines (dinner Friday, 3 meals Saturday, 2 meals Sunday- plus snacks)
o   We’ll teach you some new healthy recipes and how to eat well all week long
·         Set 2019 goals
·         * Optional monitored Fast
·         Kayak, Bike, Paddle Board (If weather allows)

Other services available in advance-

·         50 & 80 minute massage
·         Personal diet consultation
·         Private Yoga or Work-out planning session

This Retreat will be in Grapevine.




October – Fire – Spirit Mountain -  Colorado (4 days)

·         High energy yoga
·         Hiking with a mission
·         Chakra balance
·         Personal growth
·         Meditation
·         Preparing for shopping/eating season

November 9, 10 & 11- for Veterans Day - – water – Female Veterans Rock Retreat!  (Local)

·         Warrior care month
·         Guided Imagery
·         Relaxing
·         Organic Facials
·         Foot Detox
·         Hot Stone Therapy
·         Self Care
·         Kayak/Boat

December- schedule your spa day! No retreats planned.

Upcoming Retreat


March & April Retreat

Lakeside Cabin Retreats

 E-mail for customized package details!

February  Retreat

Possible Retreats: Please let us know which ones interest you.
We are still in a Work in Progress on current offered retreats,
but we will be adding more in 2019.

February – Water – Love Yourself- Local  (2 days)

·         Transformation Jumpstart
·         Emotional Healing
·         Hot Stone
·         Organic Facial

The Saint Valentine's Day Happy Hour

Yoga/Raw Vegan/Edible Landscaping/Massage Retreat

March – Air – Art & Mindfulness – East Texas- (3 Days)

·         Guided Imagery
·         Painting (take home a personal work of art!)
·         Deep Tissue

·         Warm Co-co scalp treatment

April – Earth – Get Green with the Tree of Life – Local (2 days)

·         Relaxing
·         Personal Growth
·         Gardening with take home starters
·         Eating green! How the vegans do it…

May – Spirit  (The 5th Element) – Mother & Daughters – Hot Springs Arkansas- (3 Days)

·         Organic Facials
·         Emotional healing
·         Female empowerment
·         De-stress Facials
·         Warm Coconut Scalp Treatments

June – Fire – Beach Retreat – Galveston (3 days)

·         Relaxation
·         Motivation
·         Microderm Treatments
·         Reike

July – Water – Float Retreat – New Braunfels – (3 days)

·         Lomi-lomi massage training on the shore
·         Organic facials
·         Balanced Life
·         Cold Stone Therapy
·         Rejuvinate

August – Air – Sipapu New Mexico – (5 Days)

·         Local Winery Trip
·         Hot Springs – Ojo Caliente with 5 different mineral baths and a labrynth
·         14 bed cabin
·         All- inclusive (we’ll drive)
·         Body scrub
·         Organic meals and prp training
·         Personal growth
·         River walks
·         Mountain climbing
·         No phone, no tv, - No cell phones! DISCONNECT! For 5 days.
·         Rejuvinated
·         Shopping in remote village / optional Santa Fe trip

 September – Earth – Running with Dogs- Local (2 days)

·         Pet massage training
·         Pet walking and tips
·         Play time
·         Health Minded
·         Organizing and planning for your needs-leaving time for what is important to you.

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