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Now Open! Our New Coffee, Tea and Spa Treasures!

Bring 4 or more and receive a cup of coffee with a purchase of spa services or chair massage.

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80-Minute Therapeutic Massage (most requested) $140
50-Minute Therapeutic Massage $110
80-Minute Swedish Massage $120
50-Minute Swedish Massage $100
80-Minute Deep Tissue Massage $150
50-Minute Deep Tissue Massage $120
80-Minute Prenatal Massage $140
50-Minute Prenatal Massage $110
80-Minute Hot Stone Massage $180
50-Minute Cold River Stone Massage $130
80-Minute Acupressure $120
50-Minute Acupressure $100
80-Minute Lomi Lomi (Tradition Hawaiian Massage) $160
50-Minute Lomi Lomi (Tradition Hawaiian Massage) $130
80-Minute Thai Yoga Massage $140
80-Minute Sports Massage $150

Couples Massage

50-Minute Couple's Massage $220
80-Minute Couple's Massage $280

*Couple's Massage Packages can be personalized to your special needs. Please contact us for package details. Inquire through email for spa packages.

Massage Enhancements

Warm Towel Body Melt $15
Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy $15
Warm Coconut Scalp Treatment $15
Hot Stone Relaxer $20
Foot Scrub Buffer $15
Back Scrub $20



50-Minute De-Stress Facial $100
Microdermabrasion $75
80-Minute Men's Executive Facial/Massage $135
50-Minute Body Scrub OR Body Mask $85

Natural Therapies

60-Minute Private Yoga Session (Happy Hour Special) $70
80-Minute Guided Imagery/Hypnosis (stress reduction) $120
50-Minute Meditation for Beginners $60
50-Minute Meditation for Balancing the Chakras $60
30 to 40-Minute Energy Work
30-Minute Cupping Massage Therapy $50

Cupping Massage Therapy demonstration

Hot Stone Relaxer

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Private Yoga


Reiki/Energy Work

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